AUDIO: Dyemond Lewis - SSENSEI

Today's objective get to the bag don't be selective

I like the Franklins but grants and jacks can still get accepted

When it come to my family, my women, my money I'm overprotective

if it ain't 'bout the lettuce this convo cut shorter than these niggas set list,

I come with a message, I'm checking niggas like a checklist - Dyemond Lewis

You're slacking if you haven't heard Dyemond Lewis new track "Ssensei."

Dyemond Lewis is still dropping G.E.M.S and this time it is over a Chris Brown instrumental When it comes to the music Dyemond is always finding ways to teach; whether it be lyrically or something you can take and apply to your daily life.

Can Dyemond be the next Mr. miyagi? Press play and learn something!