VIDEO: PINNEAPPLECITI - Slick Rick Freestyle

 Slick Rick with the ruling baby i'm the new ruler like a new kang

Niggas mad say i dipped up on 'em switched up on 'em like a mood ring

Using B****** like they loose change kicking flows like I'm Lou Kane.- PineappleCITI

New Jersey's own PineappleCITI takes the lead with her newly released "Slick Rick Freestyle." 

It's a great gesture when emcees take the time to honor some of Hip Hop's pioneers who paved. If you're really a follower of hip-hop you know that slick rick is one of many pioneers. PineappleCITI delivers a vicious flow and crafty visuals in telling her own 'Slick Rick' story while honoring the vocal genius, Slick Rick, properly. It's time we get familiar with PineappleCITI!

Read below as get a deeper inside look to who PineappleCITI really is. 

What inspired you to do a slick rick tribute? 

Slick Rick is a legend. I've always had a love for hip hop since an early age. So I tend to pay respect to legends people tend to leave behind

Who is PineappleCiti?

PineappleCITI is a musician that's about to take over the world

What is something new that you know for sure your going to bring to this new culture of music?

A bridge between yesterday's hip hop & today with some trap soul mixed in between

If you had to pick only 3 hip hop pioneers who would it be and why?

Jay Z, Diddy, & Master P. They display the value of Black America; they refused to settle and built their own brands. They will forever be respected for that in my eyes