AUDIO: Seshat Queen Tut - HEROES

While all these heroes in my town; we all tryna get the f** out

Everytime time they build something up here they come shutting shit down

That's that systematic control you can't fight what you don't know,

you can't fight what you can be, you can't fight what they cant see

I'm from a side of town so sketchy you swear its from a comic book

Milwaukee native, Seshat Queen Tut, breaks it down with her new track "Heroes" prod. by Randal Bravery.

While listening to "Heroes" as soon as the beat drops Queen Tut shares her reality. "Heroes" has that mean and gritty feel to it but nonetheless a real thought provoking message. Despite the negativity there are heroes that still keep pushing and you may be one of them yourself.

Give "Heroes" a play and you decide. Check out a few words from the Queen below:

Where did the name 'Queen Tut' originate from?

Queen Tut was a name I gave myself because I've always resonated deeply with Egyptian culture and since a child I've been obsessed with King Tut and his story. I've had the name for about 5 years now

Okay, cool...What does the background of the song "Heroes" mean to you?

The background is about my hometown Milwaukee. There's a lot of gun violence and systemic racism. The heroes I am referencing are those people trying to rise above the obstacles put in front of them. I ask "where yo villains?" Because I don't think anyone can come for my city.