AUDIO: J LIB - RAZOR (ft. Fresh The Prophet)

Damn, feeling like the sand man faced a couple grams man.

Really need a grand in my hand for the grand slam

Wildin' with my fam in the van pullin' up to interrupt the plans.

J LIB released "RAZOR" featuring Fresh The Prophet

"RAZOR" is a tunnel vision, money-focused anthem brought to us by the youth, of course.

J LIB (and Fresh The Prophet of NXGN pair up on the hard beat -reminds me of a warrior game theme song- and kills it verse for verse. "RAZOR" is an "super edgy and has a cutthroat feel to it," word to J LIB who said the name was the first one that came to mind after he and Fresh made the track.

Listen to "RAZOR" above and share it with a friend if you love it!