"Friends tell me I got it all,
Say I'm popping 'cause they know less.
On the road but I'm so stressed,
city hopping and you ain't called..
Feel like I'm falling off they still tell me I'm up next."

HDBEENDOPE dropped his latest single and visuals to match, "Mirror."

Within the song, HDBEENDOPE can be heard criticizing his mirror which can be seen as him pushing himself to go harder. On the other hand, he says lines like, "my mirror really is a genius...but my mirror ain't never gone be sh*t." The mirror appears to be the right to his wrongs and vice versa.

HDBEENDOPE is one of the hottest lyricist from Brooklyn and this track is a prime example way. His flow can be smooth and consistent then speed up to a fiery spit that keeps your head at a steady nod taking you to mental digestion.

Watch the mirrored visuals above and add "Mirrors" to your motivational playlist this summer.