VIDEO: Johnny Based - WITHOUT YOU (+Interview on Love & Relationships)

JOHNNY BASED releases his first music video and changes his sound on "Without You."

It's always good to hear the loud and robust to change tunes and channel there emotions. It shows that there is more than meets the face and that every the toughest or strongest has a lovely side to them. Johnny Based does just that on his first music video and latest release, "Without You."

Read below as he explains the concept of the visuals and his thoughts on love and relationships:

QUAY: How does it feel to put out your first video?

JOHNNY: Putting out my first music video was a combination of an adrenaline rush and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I've been working very hard lately on perfecting my artistry and turly making an impact in the music industry and there is no better way to do that then by presenting the world with some dope visuals. I figured if this was going to be my first video, I would have to give it my all or go home.

What does "without you" mean to you?

"Without you" is a very moody song that represents the feelings one gets when their other half isn't present. It represents a deep feeling of not only loneliness but helplessness. When one falls in love it's almost as if the world comes to a stop when the two lovers are not together. It's almost impossible to be happy at this moment because a large amount of the happiness in your life comes from your other half. 

What was your favorite shot or scene you shot in the video and why?

My favorite shots within the video are the ones of me submerged in the white cloudy water.  This shot was actually metaphorical for me trying to stay afloat and not drown in my sorrows and depressions.  In the beginning of the video all of the shots of me in the tub showed only my head and sometimes my shoulders, it was only until the end that I fully sprung out to the tub to symbolize that I am a strong person and that I won't let my fears, sorrows or depressions consume me. 

You changed your sound on this track, how does that change feel? Meaning it's not as upbeat and hype rather slow and consist of singing?

As an artist, I find it to be a good trait if you are versatile within your field.  Most people know me to be a loud energetic ball of energy but this time I wanted to present myself as more calm and docile. This was truly to set the mood of the song and also to show people that I have more underneath my belt.  People don't want to hear the same thing over and over again, sometimes you just gotta switch it up.

As a young men, what's your perception on love and relationships? From your observations, do your peers hold the same sight or is it opposite.

My perception on love and relationships is pretty simple. If two people love each other very much and are compatible with one another than they should shoot for the stars with each other. It masked no sense to be in a very committed relationship for years and not be in preparation for marriage or life time companionship that's literally a waste of time. As for my peers, I see them in steady relationships but love can have a different meaning for everyone