AUDIO: Canvas - NAS BE LIKE (Freestyle)

"Been killing cyphers in the lunchroom since 8 yrs old
Skin fade, Missy flow, self-esteem was low,
Worked on my craft never did I rush to blow
Take ya time but don't waste it, it's steps to reaching Greatness
Don't be a peasant, your soul is anxious so be patient ahh." -Canvas

If you were one of those who listened to real hip hop growing up, you know that the track "Nas Is Like" was a classic in its own right by arguably one of the greats himself, NAS!

Boogie-down-Bronx artist, Canvas, follows the lead and shares his lyrical ability as well. Mirroring the great Nas, Canvas makes sure that every line resonates. But don't take my word for it, stop everything your doing and take a listen. We also got a chance to talk Hip Hop with Canvas below:

JABARI: What was your motivation for creating this track? Was this your tribute to Nas in a way?

CANVAS: I was chilling with my cousin Medulla and he was telling me to hop on an old instrumental. I'm pretty picky so we started playing beats I was waiting to hear a beat/song that an artist  went hard on to basically force me to do it. Hearing the first few lines of him spitting I already knew that "Nas Is Like" was the one. Plus Nas, Pun, Jada, 50 and Cole are inspirations to me. Hopping on "Nas is Like" allowed me to spread the legacy of Nas. Every leader knows it's about unity & love to all. knowing where you come from and you will know where you're headed.

JABARI: Do you think free-styling is a lost art right now or has that always been apart of your musical arsenal?

In a way yes. I say that because when I was growing up if I heard an artist that I liked, I'd YouTube their freestyles to check out their rapping ability. During those times you can hear and see the artist passion. You can differentiate who was real or fake and read their body language. It was just great for the culture, we need to get back to that.

JABARI: I agree...but i'm curious how did the name Canvas come about? How do you identify "Canvas?"

My name was D1 at first but when my HS friend, Brandon, was painting my jean jacket he said he needed a canvas. I asked him, "what is a canvas?" He explained, "It's what you lay flat before you paint a picture." Right then and there I knew I wanted my name to be Canvas because I paint pictures with my lyrics. I identify Canvas as another version of you.

 Source: Instagram via @thisismycanvas_

Source: Instagram via @thisismycanvas_