AUDIO: Amindi K. Fro$t, Tessellated  & Valleyz - PINE AND GINGER


“Everybody’s coping

Whether drinking, whether smoking

Whether writing down a song

Pen and paper to the open.”

Pine and Ginger by Amindi K. Fro$t (@melaminz), Tessellated (@tessellatedvibes) & Valleyz (@valleyz) will have your waistline rolling to the riddim as soon as the bass line drops! I came across this gem while casually scrolling through my Soundcloud feed one day and immediately added it to my Apple Music library. It’s a vibe! I absolutely had to find out more about the artists behind this track; I interviewed Tessellated (@tessellatedvibes) who is the male vocalist on the track as well as a producer, who shared some of his thoughts:

 Image Sources: Instagram (@Tessellatedvibes)

Image Sources: Instagram (@Tessellatedvibes)

NAOMI: What is Pine and Ginger about?

Overall, "Pine & Ginger" exemplifies the confident girl who doesn’t need anything/anyone to deal with her problems vs. a guy who wants the girl but has very different ways of dealing with life (rum & spliffs) which clash with her contentment in just chilling and drinking pine juice. It’s a simple story that could take place in any normal party.

NAOMI: How long have you been producing and what inspired you to begin producing?

I've been producing for about four years now. What really inspired me to start was just the feeling that I had musical ideas that I wanted to make a reality but I didn't know how. At the time these ideas were very simple mash-ups & edits of other songs I listened to. Doing those (very badly) then led to me want to get better and over time my sound grew & evolved into what it is now.

NAOMI: In what ways have your Jamaican and American perspectives shaped your work?

I lived in Jamaica my whole life until 2 years ago when I moved to Orlando for school, so one might assume the majority of my influence would be from Jamaican sounds which is true to an extent, however, growing up with the internet really makes things way more complex as I was equally exposed to a massive amount of American culture. Then when it comes to creation of music, I purposefully try to get a little bit of all my influences represented in some way. I feel that this is what makes my sound a bit different from the typical Jamaican sound as it's always some sort of fusion or blend rather than something that fits into the confines of a single genre.

NAOMI: What do you hope to portray through your music?

I feel like in its simplest form my music is a representation of myself. It shows my influences, some thoughts and in a sense who I am. So while I'm not exactly trying to tell people my life story through my music, it's almost like I'm trying to give them a little glimpse into my head to show how I feel and experience things for a couple minutes.

NAOMI: What do you want the world to know about YOU?

Honestly, if there's anything I want the world to know about me is that I'm just a person still. It's one thing I have to force myself to remember about other musicians and artists I look up to - that they're just people trying to figure things out like the next person and everyone is in that same boat together.

If you haven't already, you can listen to "Pine and Ginger" below!