“I wish it was easy to breathe
Everyday’s the same I am over the way that these days just repeat
Wish there was somewhere I could be
Don’t tell me to smile if you’re not going to stay here with me”
 mage sources: Instgram (@sevanasiren)

mage sources: Instgram (@sevanasiren)

    With a voice that can be heard blasting through speakers as far away as New York City, one can see how Jamaican singer Sevana Siren’s (@sevanasiren) stage name came to be. I was especially motivated to write this piece on Sevana because she is from my hometown: Savanna La Mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica. Although July 13th makes one year since the release of her EP ‘Sevana’ , her songs continue to resonate with me today. 

     As an artist in 2017, creating music that people can vibe with and relate to, even after a year has passed, displays true talent. A prime example is her song “Easy to Breathe” which addresses the “disconnect between a person that might be suffering from depression and a person who is witnessing the depression happening to somebody else.” Living in a culture where mental health issues are stigmatized and where people are sometimes reluctant to be forthright about their emotions and feelings, it's relieving to know there are artists like Sevana out there who realize the importance of addressing certain topics that are real for so many people. And while the song’s topic is serious, the vibe resembles a serene warm summer evening, watching the sunset on the beach with a significant other. We are excited to see what’s up next for Sevana Siren!

Check below to listen to ‘Easy To Breathe’ as well as the other beautiful songs on her EP!