AUDIO: Nuri Hazzard - WYLIN'

"It's been a decade since I've dedicated myself to being a legendary entity in the world- since I stood at that "Point of No Return" on that little slave port island off the coast of Senegal and realized my purpose and responsibility as an artist...This art shit to me is like a world-defining conversation- I always wanted to be fluent in my tongue so I can add something worthwhile to the dialogue." -Nuri Hazzard

The DMV embodiment, Nuri Hazzard, releases his latest single, "Wylin," with his EP, GRAN LUXX to follow this July.

On this EP, GRAN LUXX, Nuri Hazzard teams up with his band to create a illustrious world of dynamics, passion, and fire. This installment draws on Nuri’s influence by Outkast, Parliament Funkadelic, Bob Marley and the likes. So it only makes sense that songs shift gracefully from thoughtful, hypnotizing lyrics to roaring anthem choruses like on the EP's single "Wylin’” 
Featuring support from instrumentalists Chris Gaskell, Lucas Del Calvo, Harry Terrell, and Moki Kawaguchi, the soundscape is illustrious and rich. Niambi Ra and Kalon Hayward lend their vocal support to Nuri as he takes us through a celebration of life's best with this single! 

Nuri Hazzard is here to provide the vibes for any mood necessary. While we wait for GRAN LUXX arrival July 2017, listen to "Wylin" on repeat and prepare for your soul food.

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