AUDIO: Altea - ELYSIUM (ft. Stvsh718)

It's only right to feel this way,

It's only right to numb the pain this is my only getaway

It doesn't hurt to take a risk

it doesn't hurt to fly in bliss just add the fire to the fizz.


Fire new artist alert: Get accustom to the name, ALTEA, a Brooklyn-based artist who is making noise with her debut single, "Elysium" feat. Stvsh718.

ALTEA's (@bhocolate) vocal ability is beyond impressive as she is owning her own sound. "Elysium" is one of those songs that instantly grabs your attention as soon as the beat drops! Some of you may also be familiar with the artist Stvsh718  (@stvsh718) as well, this track is a clear indication when there is an ALTEAand Stvsh718 collaboration magic is created.

Elysium is  worth a listen and ALTEA is a promising artist we all need to keep our eyes on so don't forget who put you on! We were able to get some more insight from ALTEA herself. Check out her feature below: 


JABARI: What is 'Elysium'?

ALTEA: Elysium is a state or place of bliss where you are happy and nothing else matters, basically a utopia.

JABARI: As an artist what would you say Altea's mission is?

ALTEA: To inspire others with my own original sound, to bring to the table authenticity and soul for the culture. I feel like majority of the artists now a days mimic each other and sway into trends of what people want to hear but they rarely ever deliver their original sound.

JABARI:Were you always into singing? Why are you now finally owning the position as an artist?

ALTEA: I've been singing since I was a little girl, and I would write songs for fun but never took it serious till about a year ago. I've won & performed in multiple showcases  but i never took the title as a songwriter. This past year I've been trying to develop my sound and perfecting my craft as a songwriter but only time and experience can enhance that, so I took as much time as I needed and I definitely have a lot up my sleeve so stay tuned!