AUDIO: nxgn - RHODES (ft. Fresh the Prophet)

White boy never got style like this,
Young boys never go wild like this...
The boy do it big for a little ass kid
-Fresh the Prophet

NXGN dropped two singles and "RHODES" is one of them as it features Fresh the Prophet and a sunny-vibes like beat.

Fresh the Prophet's flow keeps getting better and one cannot doubt he's destined for a high place within the music culture. Yes, he's white and yes. he's young but what does that have to do with anything? Those are actually two very important attributes to him as an artist because it makes his impact as a music artist even more powerful.

"RHODES" consist of a jiggy beat and a techno-wavy like flow from Fresh the Prophet as he goes on about his pursuit for a girl and big ups himself for being who he is at current times.

We wanted to know how Fresh intially felt when he heard the beat and created this vibe. Here's what he and producer, Chris Melh, said:

 "When fellow nxgn member, Chris Melh, sent me the beat I initially was drawn in by the bounce that the beat had. It was just some jiggy shit and I knew I had to approach it in that way," said Fresh.

"Rhodes is a keyboard instrument with a soothing minimal attack that's very warm and also a Greek island with beautiful beaches ," said Melh.

That's exactly how it translated to listeners. Catch the vibes and share it with your friends.