AUDIO: nxgn - ELEVEN (ft. TyBass)

I'm scared of things I can't see

I fear the things I don't know

...I love my friends and family, 

For them my drive is on go


NXGN is by far one of the greatest collectives based in Brooklyn and they are all teenage creatives grindin'!

"ELEVEN" is 1/2 singles they have released in the past 24 hours and features a powerful vent in the form of lyricism from TyBass (@tybass) produces by @7nohri and Melo-Xtra. The 17 year old Brooklyn native is preparing for his high school graduation and expected to enter NYU this fall. 

This track is a verbal release of the emotions he is feeling as a young, black man in this world, an independent music artist and a propeller of the culture. This is so powerful and as the sun is currently shining in New York, we are in complete support of Ty as he commences his new chapter into adulthood and respect him for such a raw release. There are thousands of other young people who are scared of the unknown yet manage to grind for it everyday.

We salute YOU.

My struggle empower,
My blood they descend from forever and ever
I'll try to do better regardless the weather, regardless of them
I'll shine and I shine until they all rise again.

So what does the title "ELEVEN" have anything to do with the above? Here's what Ty told us:

This song "ELEVEN" was inspired by a dream I had about my ancestors from Jamaica. Many people don't know but I am a descendent of Maroons on my father & mother's sides- they were like these mountain warriors who f*cked up these Europeans who tired taking over - Google them. Anyways, one night I woke up and felt like they were trying to tell me something and then I sort of like let that energy flow through me while writing. All in all, I know I have Royal blood, and I know I have clairvoyant sight akin to Eleven from 'Stranger Things' and personally I feel one of my main goals is to guide people, however, when I try to use that insight to direct myself it isn't always clear. Also in the show 'Stranger Things' on Netflix, Eleven is stuck in like this dark abyss, so everything just goes hand in hand sort of.