VIDEO: Bones The Machine - 28

  Dark feelings, rings bursting grab my name through the dirt

but I'm in my bag like I'm Birk

A nigga getting chicken like a jerk

All these niggas want to do is see you fall but I'm gonna ball like I'm Irving

When you winning they make you a target

- Bones The Machine

Brooklyn native, Bones The Machine, shares with us a deeper and darker meaning to a number with his new song "28" off his latest EP Bones The Machine.

Many people just see the number '28' without further explanation but is it has more meaning than we actually think; words like 'Power' and 'Energy' are known to correspond with the number 28.

 Bones The Machine isknown for visually painting a picture. He does that with his newvisuals to "28" with the creativity being at its finest. Most people tend to be skeptical about telling their story because of how others may perceive them.

Bones The Machine does take a dark approach in telling his story of "28," however, the messages he delivers also brings a sense of light and power.

We got a chance to talk with Bones The Machine to get an inside look on his direct thoughts:

 What does "28" mean to you?

 28 is the age when I finally broke out of my shell. I felt like I was holding back. I was saved at the time with awareness of everything.

Dope...What was it like creating Boneshe Machine EP? Is there a specific message you intended to send? 

Basically everything on the tape is some of the darkest creative thoughts of my mind. "28" was made to talk about me loving who I am, jumping and trusting where you land. "Ghost" is basically how people feel I move. "Rocket to the moon" is self explanatory. I love outer space because there's so much we do not know. "Whip it" is just me having fun while "Godians" is for all the times I've been watched over and the times things went my way. I can tell I'm just really blessed. 

Some may instantly think of the flexxing and bonebreaking when your name comes up; Is this the first time you would say you are fully tapping into the musical side of Bones and owning up to that all around artist title?

Yes, for people that know me its safe to say that I'm very established in the dance world. I've modeled in fashion, but people who know me well know that I'm a well-rounded artist. People that don't know are about to find out now!! I'm tapping into the music side more, I was always into music. 

For someone who has never heard of Bones and you had to let them hear one track off your EP right now, what song would it be and why?
For a first track I would like people to hear is "28" because that song pretty much sums up everything, the visual is about me, and the feel is how my lifefeels. "Godians" being the second: the angels held me down.

What should we expect from bones next?
I don't know what's next but I do know I will create art out of it.