Chasing a dream
Got me asking questions
and learning lessons
I thought it was about skill
Not about who you know
They tried to close the door
Lock the key
and make sure I make no dough

-HOA Bosman

Brooklyn’s HOA Bossman bestows upon us a musical collection of his recent thoughts, latest endeavors, and lifestyle adjustments within a 15-track cruise titled, These Days… The Bed-Stuy native gives us an assortment of songs that cater to the craving of many audiences. From the energetic party anthems, "Party Cigarettes, and Booger Sugar (P.S.B.S)," and "New Phone Who This," to more laid back tunes including, "I Don't Ever Sleep (I.D.E.S)" and "MeYou&Friends," there's something for everyone to get into. 
This project features Lansky Jones, Essex, K Solar, Lil' Friday (@lilfriday) , Smash Simmons (@smashsimmons), & Kota The Friend

Production From Siddy Hill (@siddyhill) , Hannibal King , WordNerd (@wordnerdbeats) , K Solar, Left Brain, Kota The Friend (@kotathefriend) , & Essex (@essexeoe)

You should have a "Fear Of Missing Out" on this project." - Summary By Cary From HOUSEOFAURA

With a variation of sounds and vibes, "These Days..," feels like a playlist of its own which allows it to cater to your mood and its changes. Because of this, we reached out to HOA and dug a bit deeper so that we can provide you with the DEETS:

Why "These Days..?"

Simply because this isn't really a album or mixtape... it's a collection of songs I made in the past year that speak for me & those I enjoy the most these days.

What's a consistent message throughout this project?

Balance... I would have to say balance is the main message, along side just being relatable and honest.

What's the "must listen" track from your perspective as the artist for listeners?

I'd have to say every song back to back to get the feeling of my day to day life, it's like a soundtrack to my life. If I had to pick only one I would say "F.O.M.O."

Are you heading straight to the booth or will there be more promo to follow?

I'm always working on music, i have 2 more projects being created as we speak,  but I def want to start promoting projects more instead of dropping them back to back so often to allow people to appreciate the music and grow with it.

How long did production of this project take and is there anything you would do different production wise for the next project?

This project could have been done in a month but I took my time and selected what I liked the most at this point and time in my life out of about 75 songs. As for future projects, it's the same rule I always go with: the feeling. If it feels right and clicks with me I do it, I can honestly say I would love to sit with producers more often when it comes to new music in the future. Many people don't know I A&R and also co-produce most of my music.

Let's wrap it up with one of your favorite bars and why?

"Your girl gets smashed more then the Spanish announce table," It's a punch line about wrestling. Back in the 90's, wrestlers always threw someone through the Spanish announce table for some odd reason.