#FlashbackFriday: Dianna Lopez - KEYBOARD BOY

“Can you just love me,
know the real me,
see the real me,
Know the real me my keyboard.”
-Diana Lopez

I happened to check out my Instagram discovery page and found this amazing and dope artist, Dianna Lopez (@_diannalopez). The NYC-based singer is incredible at bringing songs to life.

"Keyboard Boy" has a chill, groovy vibe to it and tells the story of a girl who just wants to be loved for being herself.  

Her most popular song, “Keyboard Boy,” was written by her friend, Dave Langston, who gave her the song when he realized the song related to her current situation. The visuals were also take us back to the 80's and were co-directed by Dianna and her best friend, Renaissance Francis. Read what Diana had to say about music and it's impact below:

What inspires your music?

A big inspiration of my music, and making music in general, would definitely have to be nature and all the simple things that surround us each and everyday. The warmth of the sun during the day and the glow of the moon during the night inspires me to want to make something more of myself. I want to be able to make a mark on people's lives, the same way that simple things like rain or fog can make a mark on someone's mood.

Through my sound I want to make people feel almost what I felt when singing and/or writing a song. It's really important for me to create awareness of specific topics like what it's like to be in love, or what it's like to be alone, or what it's like to be a black girl who also considers herself to be afro-Latina. Speaking in general terms, I love to create new ideas by remembering to always be imaginative. I love coming up with random ideas and weird thoughts and throwing on my mom's old clothes to put together an outfit. At the end of the day it's all just about being urself and doing what you're interested in.

Give this track a listen and tell us your thoughts!!