VIDEO: Safa Gaw - WOAH

Used to be a dreamer now i'm doing sh*t.
 F*ck fantasizing." - Safa Gaw 


Safa Gaw made a video during a shoot, while at a performance, on the this cool bridge and while in a car, WOAH! 

"Woah" is TURNT up with the audio alone so it would only be right for the artist to deliver equivalent visuals, right? You have a collaboration of two sceneries; one being parts of the video being captured in the middle of the SXSW festival and Kid Super Studios which is also a sponsor of Safa Gaw.

The lyrics are basically an expression of Safa's blessing and the doors that have yet to open. You know that moment when the blessings start rolling in and your just like woah!


Safa Gaw, @realsafagaw

Directed by: @imagaw