He made me feel like I was next
because I was bumping G-unit, Cassidy and all the rest
and though I loved all the rest
I had to give them all a rest
Ayyye, Mr. West, Mr. West
you the best, you the best - Qu'ality


Let's talk about paying homage because that's what Qu'ality did with this track. 

Qu'ality gives a tribute to one of the General's of Hip-Hop, and clearly one of his biggest influences, Kanye West. He constructed a monolgue to Kanye West through his music as we have heard J. Cole and Kanye himself do, yet each very different.

Instead of bashing or judging Ye, Qu'ality acknowledges his behavioral changes and pays respect to one his evolution and personal accomplishments. This track is thought-provoking and apparently genuine.  What's really unique about this is within the title; he prays for him knowing that the prayers will be more powerful than the worries.  

If the audio alone wasn't enough, Qu'ality hit us with these retro visuals below produced by Qu'Burr Gooding, a Qu'ality (@qualityofficial)  & TeeBurr (@itsteeburr) collaboration :

Who is your Hip-Hop Hero?