Can you recall a song that is stuck with you and makes you say, "WOW," whether it's one note, beat, or bar?

We found a new one for you! Jersey city's own, Karma, gives us a vibe with her latest song "Make Me Say." 

Karma isa budding R&B singer and on the journey of redefining R&B. "Make me say" captures the soulful R&B sound you don't hear to often. Karma takes it a step further by spicing up her creativity, but never sacrificing her soulfulness, with her upbeat verses over the classic sample by Lil Kim "Crush on You."  

Karma's turned a classic into a modern love song that'll swaying while professing love to your boo. It doesn't stop here though, we hit up Karma for a Q&A and here's what she had to say:

How did you get your name?

I got the name Kärma from a Bone Thugz n Harmony song. I liked the line one of them used in reference to Kärma and feel it applied directly to my life. I also feel the name is a direct reflection of the energy I give off to the world.

How do you manage to stay true to creating an authentic R&B sound?

I don't care about what the world is doing. I don't care about what other artists are making. I make music that feels good and means something. I grew up influenced by the greatest of the greats and I would never disrespect my love for music history, theory, and more importantly, the SOUL of it all.

For first time listeners, what would you want them to take from your music? 

I cant say that I want people to take anything particular from it. Just recognize my authenticity and FEEL something whether that be negative or positive.