"You say that you care but do you mean it ?"

Yarie, straight outta Buffalo, NY, shares a heartbreak story on her new track, 'Say You want Me Back.'

Over a well measured beat, Yarie reminds us that actions speak louder than words and goes in on her former love because she knew she did way more for him than what was reciprocated. What won't you do for love?

We spoke to Yarie for more details you might not know about her or this track: 

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me honestly, i find creativity in everything i see and do. What really inspired me to do music was me finally giving myself a chance and believing that I could do it.

What is the background of this track?

A terrible breakup! I was looking for beats, found one I liked and just wrote to it, didn't end up recording till 8 months later.

What should people expect from Yarie, as an artist?

Something different! I want to be known for being a different kind of artist who does what she loves.