PROJECT: Three reasons why you should BUMP Cavier Noire - CVN 3

CVN 3 consists of dope beats by Big Len & Rubirosa, clean autotune effects and Cavier Noire's quick flow. Here are three more reasons why you should add CVN 3 to your playlists:

1. The BEATS - Big Len (biglenmusic) laid dope tracks that vary! Variation in sound, font, progression, etc, are important and the duo provided variation within CVN 3. 

2. Cavier's flow is consistent throughout the tape but it also varies, a bit. Auto-tune is a widely used effect with recording artists and it still works, if done right. To accompany his use of auto-tune his lyrics are catchy and easy to flow with.

3. Length - CVN 3 is only eight tracks long so why wouldn't you listen through? 

  Cavier Noire  by @rxgerrr

Cavier Noire by @rxgerrr

We hit up Cavier for more details on CVN 3 and he told us what the 3 stands for, read below for the scoop:

What or who inspired you the most while creating CVN 3?

This whole project was inspired by passion and devotion. I mainly want to prove a point; I can make and force people to listen to what I have to say

What was it like working with your main producer, Big Len?

Working with Len is always an interesting episode, it never gets boring. He's very upfront when it comes to my sound so when he hears something he doesn't like I usually don't use it.

Name an unordinary situation or a highlight that occurred while working on CVN 3? Or that's related to CVN 3?

While working on this project, I got the chance to be around inspiring artist and have gotten to record where they have made their greatest hits. Trey songs and Dave East are big inspirations to me. Watching them work is amazing and inspiring. I was also inspired by other artist, such as, George Micheal who is one of my favorite artist. I've listened to his melodies and eventually came up with my own, every song has its lock and it's your job to find the key.

Which track resonates with you the most right now?

I strongly relate to 'Vlone' because that's mainly what I am most of the time; the song is the reality of my craft. People only seek me when I am doing something interesting, that's what the 3 resembles on my tape it signifies 3rd place also short for last choice. 

Describe who Cavier Noire is now that CVN 3 has dropped because change is inevitable?

Cavier Noire is, and will remain,  a strong and confident figure. I finally have enough courage to perform comfortably in front of people. I am more open and descriptive about myself and I allow people to get to know me more. I definitely feel a buzz since the tape dropped and I have 12 booked events so I am making an impact, hopefully soon to the people who have not witnessed it.

Cavier Noire, @caviernoire