EVENT: NXGN, James Bambu and more MADE the #EPOCH stage!

#EPOCH wasn't just for those good with patterns and needles, we had FOUR amazing music sets too! Here's a recap in case you missed it!


Tybass and Fresh the Prophet did what they do best: lyrically annihilated their beats! #EPOCH attendees had the honor of hearing unreleased music from members of the collective and a live listen to Night until DawnBummer for you, should have been there!

Photo credit: Carlos Mercado of Taino Productions

2. James Bambu

 It was only right to have an independent artist such as James Bambu grace the stage and share his soul and shift the vibes to another Space and Time. His performance was soulful; one of many performances that set the tone for #EPOCH!

-Jabari Keitt, Music Contributor

3. Nicotine Famous Honey

Our favorite Texan bandmates that always save the day! The lead singer, Nicotine, crooned her soul out to Tired ft. Ian Olney, of Herrick and Hooley, then got us into our rightful, Black feelings with Bantu Knots and Boudain.

"Bantu knots and boudain, b*tch I'm boolin' in the bando! Hot comb on my roots and marijuana stems on da flo."