EVENT: Soulful Noise with Nicotine, Mallory Merk & Herrick and Hooley

Speechless, shook and soul full; that's what Soulful Noise with Nicotine's Famous Honey did to us Monday evening!

Catch our brief recap video above and look out for the extended coverage and interview with Nicotine that will follow soon.

We were invited to jam out at the event titled, Soulful Noise, which was a funky, live performance featuring Mallory Merk, Herrick and Hooley and Nicotine in BedStuy, NY. It was truly an amazing setting and we enjoyed our 4-hour experience to the maximum!

As seen in the video, the artists performed all their work from their latest and unreleased, in Nicotine's case, work throughout the night with three separate sets -which actually combined at some points because each were featured on each others projects- and a few DJ intermissions provided by DJ Cosmonite. 

The event was held in a Vanguard Warehouse NYC space where food and drinks were provided to pre-mingle guests and beautiful vibes being served throughout the night. We can't forget to mention how flowers petals covered the floors and disco, electrifying lights bounced off the walls. It was truly an amazing night and we are happy to share our experience with you.

Don't forget who put you on to these gems, in case this is your first time hearing them! Let us know how amazing you believe they are too!