VIDEO: Dyemond Lewis dropping G.E.M.S

Dyemond Lewis has been dropping G.E.M.S since the year commenced and aims to complete your collection by the end of November 2016 with his upcoming project, G.E.M.S.

Seven month ago, he released his single Focus in which the Brooklyn native claimed his throne and redirected his full attention to himself and his career. Shortly after Focus, we were hit with Tryna F*ck Me Over ft. Dirty Sanchez where the long time friends put an end to the bull and lyrically annihilate everyone who ever disrespected their character or showed fake love. Just recently Dyemond dropped Groundwork and Wavelengths, if you cant tell my the titles of the recent tracks, G.E.M.S will be a powerful body of work for Dyemond Lewis.

According to the music artist he has put literal blood, sweat in tears into his new tape [baby]. "2016 was all about action, don't wait for anyone. I went completely solo, cut my hair off and made the decision to go hard. In a synopsis, 2016 has been about mastering focus and action," said Dyemond Lewis during the interview.

Check out what he was able to tell us about the project along with other personal ventures and accomplishments in the exclusive spotlight interview below at Feet 1st Studios in Tribeca, NY: