"Running out of shit to say, wishing you the best so I pray. I've been waiting for the day, you knew it was coming either way. I know that you hate it but I'm free'er than I've ever been." -FREE

The Atlanta-based artist, 6LACK [black], just dropped his new album FREE BLACK and this is personal.  

Eleven tracks and forty seven minutes later, we have entered the world of 6LACK and we are completely consumed. He is free from a terrible label, free to express who he is and free to help you tap into your emotions; he is relatable.

"I want y'all to really appreciate this shit that I made for y'all. I made this not just for myself or my personal growth - but for you...I made this to get a reaction that you may not get from the radio or listening to your favorite artists. I feel like where everybody is right now, they already have it [money]. Nobody really can tap into that everybody struggle that we are all going through right now," said 6LACK at his pre-listening party on November 16th in TriBeCa.

This body is work is intimate, it's sonically pleasing and it's here for our consumption. With zero features and a sound that is original, we have an idea of who 6LACK is and aiming to be; true to himself and sure about his journey. Each track flows into another and neither deserves a skip. Purchase your copy here.

According to his interview with Pigeons and Planes, that is a real bear -named Bam Bam- next to him on the album cover. When asked the further representation of the bear, this is what 6LACK said:

"I feel like as big and vicious as a bear can be, a bear also has grounding qualities. They’re peaceful in a way, and they have qualities that are healing in a way. With this album, I wanted it to be powerful, I wanted it to be aggressive, but I also wanted it to be calming. I want people to feel something." -Full Pigeons and Planes interview here