VENTURE COOK, a Brooklyn based artist, dropped his LP, Alpha Omega, at the top of September and is doing exceptionally well. With over 100k streams on various streaming sites combined, Alpha Omega is living up to its name.

Venture flows with authority and hunger throughout the entire LP , he calms down on Tales From the Pride & Hallelujah as he speaks to a potential lover. He then questions his sanity on Am I Crazy? and hit us with a little auto tune on I'm Gone but comes back hard to remind us just who he is. Alpha Omega is hard piece to work and shows Venture Cook is not to be underestimated. Take a listen for yourself.

While listening you will hear features from OutLaw and KickRaux and collaborations with producers JiKay, Roca Beats, Lasean Camry, DC Miller and Tony Swoops.

Hip Hop still has hope.