ADVICE: Find Your Voice

Imagine waking up one morning and you couldn't speak, you move your lips but no sound came out. 

It was as if your throat was swollen, the words you are trying to say are stuck in your chest causing your heart to beat a hundred times every 60 seconds.

I've had this happen to me, the only catch was I didn't lose my voice I found it. 

Living day to day sometimes was a drag for me , feeling as if I'm seen but not heard, not because people couldn't hear me they decided that what they saw on the outside mattered more than what was on the inside. 

I realized people think that leaders have a certain look and a certain sound. 

Looking over someone because the way they looked suggested they have no clue, no clue about anything other than things they assumed you might know based upon the way you look.

I found my voice by simply not conforming myself to what others thought was Acceptable! 

I learned that there is only one me! 

And guess what? There is only one you. 

At a young age, I realized other kids would call me "weird" but I realized they did not know my language! 

They didn't understand me so they rejected the idea of something or someone being outside of the normal! 

I embraced that and walked in my own lane. 

I believe being a great leader is understanding your language! 

Stand up and don't lose your voice use your voice. 

Keep expressing yourself through what you wear, music, whatever it is that you do! 

It's ok to not look like others sound like others and most importantly think like others, you are a unique design!