VALENTINE Day is widely celebrated amongst lovers annually but you don't have to have a boo to celebrate. You love yourself more than anybody else will ever, right?

 Quay by Samuel Omare, @thesamuelomare

Quay by Samuel Omare, @thesamuelomare

Here are five ways to celebrate self-love on Valentine's Day:

1) Buy yourself CHOCOLATES!

Local grocery stores and markets have V-day sales going on right now so why don't you head over and get a head start? You can even surprise yourself on v-day but getting chocolates delivered to your home the day of. I love chocolate and this is an assured way to get your favorite flavor!

2) Take a break from work, social media and other mentally draining activities and go to the movies! So many cool films are out right now so grab your best friend, take a seat and stay awake because thats a $15 loss if you snooze.

3) Go out to eat with your favorite people!

 My favorite spot in New York when I feel like indulging on a budget is Burger and Lobster in Chelsea; $20 for a lobster, lobster roll or angus burger your way. THEN I hit up DOUGH donut across the street for a sweet fix. You need no mon for this cause you'll be in itis mode and out before you know it!


This is a Valentines-day-celebration-no-brainer! Get a mani, pedi, wax, massage or whatever your body is screaming for. I promise you won't regret it, who has?

5) Take a flight to paradise!

Paradise is far from home, right? So why not plan out a quick getaway now for Valentine's Day or even a random 24 hours or more stay in Miami, California or another place you've been itching to visit. 

 Quay, @quayills, wearing @shopgirlstrike necklace

Quay, @quayills, wearing @shopgirlstrike necklace

Life is about creating moments, not sulking in them so whatever way you choose to celebrate the day of love, or self-love in our case, just make sure you surround yourself with love, happiness and cherish every moment. Some people don't have the mental, emotional or physical strength like you so count your blessings and spread LOVE!

I'll definitely be celebrating with 1 through four!