ADVICE: Five Things That are TOXIC So BEWARE

I have summed down five things that can and will destroy you if you don’t pay attention. I have decided to stir away from my usual poetry for this post but still mix it in there for you:

Lust is confused to be love because we don’t take the time out to understand what love really is.

Pride is like a infections contagious disease , it gets in the way of a lot of things if you let it, It destroys families, relationships and friendships you can overcome pride ! 

Nothing stops a dream and kills destiny faster than being lazy , faith without works is Dead !

Anger is something we all struggle with. I have seen the effects of anger, if you allow it to , it steals your happiness and joy.

GREED: the big G it’s a poison in your soul that bleeds through and shows positive in your behavior. Don’t let this poison make you sick and kill off your purpose!