ADVICE: Forgiveness

Let Forgiveness Flow

So often we hold on tightly to bitterness and we let grudges take control of how we feel about people. I encourage you all to let go of things no matter the offense, it sets you free . A lot of times we find ourselves is situations where we are either hurting someone or being hurt .

We often like others to forgive us quickly and move on but when the tables are turned we make it super hard for forgiveness to flow because we just won't let go , things will happen , you will be betrayed, you will get hurt , but how you let it Effect you will determine a lot.

Your putting your health and happiness at risk when you don't forgive. Remember this no one is perfect literally put yourself in their shoes and consider how'd you like things to turn out if you were the one who did the offense.

And also forgive yourself, everyone deserves freedom in their mind body and soul .