EDITOR'S VOICE: The First Quarter

Wow! We reached the first quarter of the year and so much was already happened from new project releases, beautiful interviews, the shitty inauguration, amazing events, women's marches to Women's History Month and more to come!

I wanted to check in on you all and THANK YOU for your support and viewership as we have grown in numbers and staff - thank YOU! We have even thrown a few events that really popped off and are excited to tell you we are in the midst of creating more so lookout for those in NYC!

I would like to refrain from going back in the past and leave the first quarter by expressing my gratitude and telling you  THIS moment is all we have. Please do not get caught up in the past or worry about the future because you will forget to live. The three biggest lesson I've learned, or were reiterated to me:


2. Be open to NEW (business partners, friends, connections, food, etc)


With that being said, make your next move your best move and take it step-by-step! 


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