BOOKS: The untethered soul & Mindful relationships

In the midst of colds and flus getting you down, you can still keep your spirit up with a couple of interesting reads. I myself have been under the weather recently and I've taken this opportunity to read/re-read a couple of my favorite self help books. 

The reality is, seeking help isn't always easy and we don't always have someone ready at our wish to grant us the answers to all of our questions. That is one of the reasons why literature is so important 

Pictured on the left is Mindful Relationships by Dr. Richard Chambers and Margie Ulbrick. On the right is The untethered soul by Michael A. Singer. Both of these books can be found at Strand bookstore. 

After reading both books, in my opinion they're connected in a way although they are written by different people.

The untethered soul focuses on getting to know who you really are, and it walks you through your relationship with your thoughts and emotions.

Mindful Relationships is more of a guide on how to go about creating genuine relationships with yourself as well as other people. There are exercises that can be done in every chapter that visually demonstrate what the chapter was focusing on.

Overall, these books are inspirational, and I can say that I learned very important take aways from both. I was once a very critical and judgmental person then I discovered the root of that issue was because I didn't practice self-compassion. Therefore, I could not practice that with those around me. These books helped me evolve into who I am today as I constantly grow.

I hope you give these a read and let us know what you think!