ADVICE: Are you EXISTING or are you LIVING?

Most of you reading this are either of the below:

  1. A recent college grad working your way towards what you actually received a degree for.
  2. 'Creatives' who didn't attempt or dropped out of college to "pursue" your dreams.
  3. Musicians, or artists in general, between the ages 16-24 who are grinding [or not] for their come up.
  4. Don't have a label because you are just existing. 

I'm positive you fit one of the descriptions above and if not, then you're probably someone whose passed the #adulting stage and an avid reader of The HYE TV. If so you're exceptionally lit!

Back to those above, this post isn't to categorize you but to show you that a) you are now alone, b) you're easy to identify c) you need to stop existing and start living!

Here are three tips to help you get started:

  1. Create a vision board: No, they are not for hopeful college students who were told they can be anything they dream to be post-grad. Vision Boards are constant reminders of your goals within a period of time and will subconsciously lead you to accomplishing most if not all. You must have patience because they aren't magic, but you are!
  2. WRITE your goals and ideas: Writing is a manual activity that should never be replaced. When you write something down, you are giving whatever it is room to exist outside of your brain, you are making it visible and you are making the written a priority. Thought come and go, just like time if you don't utilize it to your advantage.
  3. Talk to your peers: It's obvious that we live in a technological era, I'm typing this on my phone now to post here. We love computers! However, we are doing ourselves a disservice by replacing verbal communication with virtual. We are able to extract and evoke emotions, vent, learn new information and overall, express ourselves during every moment we speak or encounter each other. Technology has he ability to misconstrue or be wrongly interpreted. TALK if you want to grow and excel.