EDITOR'S VOICE: Plant your Seeds

2017 has been GOLDEN thus far from our new staff additions, NYFW events, to being recognized online by NYLON.  

I'd like to simply say: plant your seeds and watch them GROW.

As a 22 year old, I want instant gratification, however, I am aware of reality and time so I do what I can and let it rock. My peers and I have these type of conversations multiple times a month as we reflect back on our accomplishment the month prior, yet we sometimes overlook those accomplishments. 

I find myself uplifting them and assuring them everything they are doing is noticeable yet I forget to congratulate myself sometimes. Do not forget to gwan big up yourself, you're closer to your dreams!

This note is to let you know that timing is everything. You did not become who you are today overnight and neither will who you are destined to be and do with your time on Earth. You're going to be LIT AF, just keep watering yourself, no seriously.

Check out my favorite look of the month below:

 Custom two-piece by Quay, @quayills

Custom two-piece by Quay, @quayills