RECAP: Dyemond Lewis, Jordan Bratton and more at Knitting Factory Brooklyn

Dyemond Lewis and friends had the Knitting Factory covered in G.E.M.S 

Dyemond Lewis and his team put together "G.E.M.S with Friends" set up at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Friday evening. He brought together I.O.D, James Bratton and Stone Da Great to help him introduce his new movement, Feed The Fam.

The unspoken message of the night was eat with the people you starved with and in that case, #FeedTheFam. We are into this!

"Check out Jordan Bratton who maintain an electrifying stage presence. He constantly reminds us that the Youth is Rising! " - Jabari Keitt, Contributing Writer

Each artist contributed to any amazing show; it was truly an electrifying night!

Jordan Bratoon | Footage by Jabari Keitt