As we approach a new year, lately my focus has been on my career since I am post-grad, as I am sure the same goes for my fellow 20-something-years-old, right? We are ready to have everything figured out, go on trips across the world and make money with out doing too much.

I'm ready...

That is what I envisioned for myself by the age of 25 until I realized that is me desiring instant gratification. We need to focus on having fun, ceasing our opportunities and taking them if they aren't being given to us.

Put in work.

I was recently in the breathing distance from big names within the industry I aim to be successful in and all I said was, "Oh, hi!" I learned that a simple introduction may lead you places you did not imagine so we need to stop limiting ourselves, swallow our pride and accept guidance then it may help us advance.

Hustle hard.

The point of my note today is to shine light on all that we have already accomplished this year and to now plan what we would like to do in the future and go for it. We are entering a shift whether its politics, personal or business; life s forever change so change with it and for the better.

Now let's get this money because I'm not sue about you but I'm going to own an estate and throw my family in that! Blessings to you and your dreams, I pray they all come true and more.