Are you down to increase your savings?


It is officially November and we are almost entering a new year. Was 2016 really your last year being broke as ASAP Nast declared? How?

Most of you reading this probably are under the age of 25 and no younger than 15 years old, you are still young and figuring it out, perhaps. Well it is time for us to figure it out together and accure big bands. Let's start with "No-spend-november."

How can you NOT spend money this month?

1. Purchase essential items - Toiletries & hygiene items, laundry detergent (don't be dirty), metro card and other fares, groceries for home and household necessities.

2. Do not eat out - Meal prep; simple enough.

3. Drink water - Carry a refillable water bottle to avoid purchasing expensive alternatives or unnecessary sugary drinks.

4. Leave your debit/credit card at home - You can also transfer majority of your funds into your savings.

5. Create goals - Make plans for your money and/or set saving goals