EATS: Sweetcatch Poke, Midtown

I had the best poke-bowl-turned-salad EVER from Sweetcatch Poke in midtown!

Today, I didn't meal prep my lunch on PURPOSE. I knew exactly what I wanted and on a 71 degree day in New York, I felt like I was on an island with the first bite.

What exactly is poke and what did I have you may be wondering, right? According to Sweetcatch:

Poke is a quintessential Hawaiian comfort food that harmoniously combines the flavors of land and sea. In earlier years of its history, poke consisted of freshly caught fish cut up into chunks, seasoned with salt, seaweed and kukui nuts.

I ordered the Spicy Yuzu Chile. I added three toppins - thats the amount you get for the FREE- ginger, seasome salad and kelp noodles atop of marinated (lemon vinaigrette) kale. Y'ALL! I can taste it NOW as I type this. I couldn't even do work while eating it, I HAD to take my lunch break.

The flavors where explosive and tropical; sour, sweet, spicy and flavorful. Hands down the best salad and poke bowl I have ever consumed and I recommend you drop by Sweetcatch Poke SOON for YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.