PEOPLE: Let's bring #MCM back with Ye Ali & 2fourhrs!

What's hotter than two R&B crooners linking up for an Open Late tour, hitting eight cities and making all the gals sing every one of their lyrics? We will wait...

 Ye Ali & 2fourhrs in New York at SOBs, Jan 26. | Photo by @ rjg.iii

Ye Ali & 2fourhrs in New York at SOBs, Jan 26. | Photo by @rjg.iii

We're bringing Man Crush Monday back with Ye Ali and 2fourhrs because they dedicated three weeks to travel to eight cities and allow supporters to hear their songs live directly to the ear ways. And because Ye Ali is looking like dessert with that side bun!

More than halfway through the Open Late tour -after performing in California x3, New York, Toronto and Atlanta- the guys have Chicago and Vancouver up next. They are our #MCM because we've watched them via social media (thank God for Instagram) dominate each set, provide perfect audience engagement and pour their passions on stage every night!

Ye Ali is undeniably fine and 2fourhrs is a refreshing compliment to music. We can't wait to experience more from them but for now let this sink in.

 Ye Ali, @ye_ali | Photo by @themvii

Ye Ali, @ye_ali | Photo by @themvii

Catch the last two shows if your in the final cities!