LloydTheAbstrac created a 52 page, untitled book of his recent photography and it is RAW! 

The 6x9 inches, white-covered book was physically released to the public on February 13th in Brooklyn. It featured various artists and young art connoisseurs whose photos were mad symbolic, extensions of themselves or just DOPE individuals.

Nicotine's Famous Honey, V.Tino, Cykeem White, Shawn Nouten, Euri Llanos and more were all apart of this photo series.

LloydTheAbstrac is a special type of photographer and an authentic human. He captures people in the moment, yes, but he has a gift of making them even more appealing by leaving them exactly how they are reflected. There isn't photoshop overloads, or the need to be so different that the models look as if they are trying too hard.

His subjects of choice are as is and we love it, not to mention the amazing color pops in clothing, backlights and backdrops he plays with. 

WAKE UP and go cop UNTITLED before you regret not doing so 10 years later.