PEOPLE: Tizita Balemlay might be the actual PLUG!

Get to know Tizita, designer of PLUGGEDNYC, and find out why she GLOWs.

Photo: @theplugsdaughterr shot by Andy Santiago, @alrdysuccessful

Are you plugged?

Titzita Balemlay caught eyes via social media when she dropped her camo cargo designs followed by multiple color ways. Aside from the NYC locals and anybody with good taste, her designs have reached the wardrobes of Keke Palmer, Rihanna and India Love to name a few.

PLUGGEDNYC, is a street-chic line that has been featured in Vogue and the NY Times. The designs vary from baggy cargo pant and matching tees to sexy two pieces with flared arms or set that hug all the bad gyals curves. Her collections are dope and cater to every girl and women, so pick your dose.

We snagged the chance to further discuss her creativity and vision below:

When you decided to start your brand, what was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?

“My biggest fear was looking dumb. I’m really a realistic person so I was nervous that my goals I was setting for myself wasn’t realistic. When I do anything, I go all out and can’t sleep until it’s perfected. I was scared that I couldn’t fulfill my full vision.”

Can you recall the moment it first interested you?

I can recall my first interest; money, haha. I didn’t start my brand really because of the love of fashion but for the love of business! I grew up in a household of entrepreneurs, so I used to always wonder what I would end up doing. I went to school for marketing and found a hat I liked and thought about how well it would sell and how I would market it the right way. I used my “Backwood Mami” brand as a tester, to PLUGGEDNYC. Once I saw I executed flipping what I put in for the hats, I started to add clothing to my website, then shoes and so on. 

To see more of Tizita’s brand and become PLUGGED, check out PLUGGEDNYC website today!