Have you seen the latest trend that has popped up on IG?


These 20 year old Swedish-based YouTubers, Maya Nilsen and Julia Dang, are not your average fashion bloggers. They have created hundreds of commercial-esque style look books, feature Swedish seasonal fashion trends and street wear. Their recent look book, however, was more innovative than ever yet inspired by a trend buzzing on IG. 

 DIY IKEA clothing? YES, PLEASE!

Yes IKEA, the popular furniture department store based in Sweden but very popular to those fresh-out-of-college and balling-on-a-budget type of apartment leasers. They customized and designed their clothes with IKEA logos. They put the logos on their Sweatshirts and even made an IKEA choker. 

Make sure to check out their IKEA video and their other look books at this link here as well as their social media accounts!

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