Ah yes. Good ole online shopping. It can be a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to saving money. You may not have to deal with sales associates pressuring you into buying something when you shop in an actual store. However, you must practice self-control and resist buying every little thing that catches your eye when you shop online.

I now shall reintroduce and put you onto a website called It is a great website to order clothing items that are on trend and better yet, affordable!! For this week’s outfit, I wore a black bralette and striped culottes from Boohoo priced at $7 and $13 with the 50% off coupon offered on the site almost every other day!!!

Another online shop that it most popular is Forever 21!! You find amazing half priced items when you click on their clearance tag. I found this gorgeous pink fedora hat for literally $2 - That’s wild!!

I purchased these cool pink steampunk sunnies off of eBay for $5 and through on some patent black boots from my own personal wardrobe! Hope you guys check out these groovy websites and come up with an affordable spring outfit for just under $30.

Happy Shopping!