PEOPLE: Petahjay showed us MEN can GLOW too

Men can get their GLOW on too thats why we HAD to pick the brain of Petahjay, designer of P.96!

Petah Jay, formally known as Peter Johnson, is a designer based in Jamaica, Queens from Lagos, Nigeria. For the past two years we have all, those awake at least, watched him grow P.96, his comfort streetwear brand with a service mission into something powerful. He is  widely known for producing many dope bombers and jackets that tap into designs people never thought of until him; timeless and innovative. We are honored to learn more about him as an artist, attribute to the culture and an individual...

"Project 96 FW '16 entitled For the Benefit of Humanity is another way of bringing awareness to societal issues; in this case the state of humanity. How we see humans but no humanity, although in a positive light, how humans should uphold and do good for the sake of humanity. Specifically, focus on love, peace, unity, kindness. In totality, the human race; human beings collectively."


When did you first begin designing clothing?

Like I've always said I actually never thought designing would be the path I'm taking to fulfill my project in life. I grew up with a business background, Mother had her own business, father graduated with a Business degree, so it's in my blood haha. However, I actually don't want to be labeled as a designer, more like a creator. 

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with two designers, who would they be?

I gotta say KITH, because Ronnie is from Queens and I'm from Queens, it's only right. Honestly, I'm always down to collaborate. So anyone willing to put in the work in order to put out some fire things to the people, let's do it.

What is the aesthetic of your designs?

So, with Project 96 designs, I tend to have an underlying message to every Project/Collection. I want people to feel, feel empowered to go out and fulfill their project. To know that everyone in life has a project to fulfill. I want them to feel as though they can do anything they put their mind to. It's bigger than clothes.

How do you manage to balance your personal life and work as an independent artist?

I gotta say shoutout to the Project 96 team members. We picked up a few more members this year, and life's been better ever since. Considering that I travel a lot & starting this #fulfillyourproject journey - where we document people around the world life's project, I gotta say things aren't as easy.  Although, I also believe in getting out of people's way and letting people be the best at what they do.

If you had to offer advice to an aspiring independent designer, what would that be?

Based on my mere two years experience, it's all about starting, then improving what you started, then progressing. Which means, use your resources, do your research, then act on it, don't listen to the naysayers, because a naysayer will become a yes man in a blink of an eye. Be safe tho.

Petah was also gracious enough to present us with his ''For the Benefit of Humanity'' campaign film. Check it out below:

Peter Johnson, @PetahJay | P.96