PEOPLE: THREE Photo/Video Creators We LOVE

Everyone wants to know who the "IT" photographers are now of days, right? well we know of plenty but we will tell you about three in particular. they know all about quality and capturing meaning within photos. Here is why they are GLOW’in :


Photo credit: @Le.minor | Pictured: Annie Bercy and her shots

Have you ever woke up after partying the night before wanting to relive those moments because it was that lit? Well dream less because Annie Bercy (@le.minor) creates the dopest event recaps in New York. She almost never misses an event or party and stays up all night adding her quirky, vibrant edits into an animated videos for our enjoyment. You literally watch them start to finish.

Annie also directs creative shoots, collaborate with brands to create projects of their dreams and graces us with them via social media and YouTube.


Photo credit: - @rickytvn | Pictured: A stealthy @rickytvn and his shots.

@Rickytvn takes clear shots that are raw, free of photoshop and unnecessary filters. His lens usually settles on females captured in settings that ironically coordinate with their fits but he also has captures of celebrities from VFILES events, such as PND, Keke Palmer, Migos and more, in his cache.

You can find a wide selection of his shots on his website.


Photo credit: @knyex | Pictured: Glayds Nkenga and her shots.

 You may be looking to build your modeling portfolio or are photogenic and want a few professional pictures to add to your feed. This Atlanta photographer, Gladys Nkenga (@knyex), has impeccable focus with close ups and lively full body images that might be on your scale. As shown on her Instagram, you can see that she has a steady eye for nature, balancing her models with the objects surrounding them, and capturing the natural essence of her subject. Gladys is DOPE without a doubt.

To see more of her photos, visit her Instagram.