PEOPLE: The Beauty of Complexion with Sabré

Sabré, also known as Glamorous Moments, has enhanced the beauty of many figures in New York and is evolving her skills and knowledge within the beauty industry.

The Beauty of Complexion may be complex to some and irrelevant to others; it depends on the beholder. We, people of color, come in many shades and textures which makes our search and use of beauty products more extensive than others. Some brands recognize this while others are set in their ways, however, conversations on the art of makeup in collaboration with melinated people are rising and shifts are occurring.

I wanted to hear more from this NYC-based makeup artist (@glamorousmoments) who has worked with various complexions in complex situations - see what I did there- on sets, for campaign shoots and even is a muse of her own. Here's what she had to say about the Beauty of Complexion.

Sabré, Glamourous Moments MUA

Sabré, Glamourous Moments MUA

Q: You have a beautiful feed on Instagram where you feature the results of your Glam moment's. Your palettes include a variety of complexions including yours. What are your thoughts, or plan, when uploading a new moment or look to your social media?

B: When uploading a new GlamorousMoment, my thoughts are always, "I hope the people can relate." My followers vary from ladies to gents, and from teens to glam ma's. I try to stay away from makeup looks that are trending and more personality wise. I want the people on my social media to gravitate to how I display my skills. I want the women to say, "oh yes, this is how I need my makeup to look" and I want the men to say, "this is exactly how I would want my mom or lady makeup to look." My goal is building relations with my followers on a personal level. 

Q: Complexion is defined as the natural color or texture of something. It is also the character or general aspect of something. What does it mean to you and how have you mastered the enhancement of various complexions through your work?

B: Mastering is a understatement I tell you that! Everyday with makeup I learn something new. The clients I have are very diverse. I've learned not every light skin girl has a yellow undertone and not every brown girl has a reddish undertone. Personally, I believe once you grasp finding the right lighting you're a master! Without good lighting, yourself and/or clients tones will be off for sure. It's all about good lighting and phenomenal blending lol.

Q: What are your opinions on the problems models or figures of color face within the glam industry?

B: The first problem that came to mind was finding the perfect foundation omg!! My opinions on that are yes you girls aren't crazy. For years I've been trying to perfect that and I honestly feel there's no foundation that would match you exactly you just have to study the products your working with.

Q: What are your resolutions to those problems? Advice to MUA's?

B: Advice to my fellow MUA's that are facing this problem, no worries! Get a foundation closest to the color of your NECK. Once that's secure you should study getting the right concealing and contouring products. Nothing too light and nothing too dark. Once everything is blended together you will most definitely get the perfect shade.

Q: Can you recall your favorite look created and/model you've worked with?

B: This is so hard to pick! Lol since we are talking about skin tones and complexions, I would have to say my favorite look(s) created was for a skin care line called, SkinBUTTR. My friend Tatianna Elizabeth (model) has a skin care line so she asked me to be apart of this shoot she had planned. I say it is a favorite project because there were a group of ladies, all different skin complexions, skin textures, omg their brow shapes were even different. The look she was going for was very natural so I had to make the girls look like they "woke up like this" such an amazing experience. 

Models: @theodoraaa_, @tatianaelizabethh, @courtneypaigenelson, @exiana_gordon @sharenaaa, @othatonegirl, @bianca_nolden, and @lehoneyb. for skinBUTTR.  Photography by: @othellobancaci @obehave_

Models: @theodoraaa_, @tatianaelizabethh, @courtneypaigenelson, @exiana_gordon @sharenaaa, @othatonegirl, @bianca_nolden, and @lehoneyb. for skinBUTTR.

Photography by: @othellobancaci @obehave_

QUAY: Aside from beating faces and being the cause or many glamorous moments, what else makes you happy?

BRE: Being happy makes me happy, sounds cliche but true. I just love smiling, having fun, making jokes furthermore just living and enjoying my life .