PEOPLE: Braxton Baker

Braxton, also known as Braxattacks on Instagram, is so stylish and one of our favorite melanin-SERVING women on social media.

As apart of Women’s History Month, we were able to connect with Braxton and learn a little more about her, for social media does not define her at all.

 Braxton Baker, @braxattacks 

Braxton Baker, @braxattacks 

When you look into the mirror, who do you see, Brax? Define yourself.

When I look into the mirror I see a gift. Not as if I'm a gift to he/she, or you all, as if I am a gift from God. We all are! I look in the mirror and see so much... potential (which has been granted from Him). I see so much for myself, I see purpose. Like 'Wow, he really built me this way for a reason. What is it?" I would define myself as intentional. Everything with me is backed up with a purpose, I do everything on purpose... besides mistakes, of course. I also like to define myself as a party. Simply because I'm super fun, and I like to show people how "woo-hoo" life can be. Woohoo, yay!

Upon making your account, did you think for a second you’d reach the level of social status you have now via Instagram? What impacts have your social presence had on you personally and professionally?

Not at all. My social media presence has impacted me by allowing me to genuinely not care about what strangers think about me. Really, anyone can take that from social media by on-looking. However, being popular on Instagram takes a huge part in how people around town treat you as well. That takes the peanut gallery commentary up ten notches. Which was fine for me because I learned how to be unamused by naysayers. Which is a huge "key to success" if I may add. Professionally, my social presence keeps me on my toes. If any follower thinks you are being unprofessional... oh, they will make it very clear. With selling the 8-inch shoes, selling my clothes, promoting products etc., not wanting to come across lackadaisical to my girls makes me stay on top of my professionalism.

Your style is very unique, who and what are your inspirations?

Thank you! I don't really have any “who” inspiration, but I always make it clear I admire Rihanna's style. I really just put on whatever I'm in the mood for. Somedays I wake up wanting to be super out there and extra. Somedays I want to keep it simple. I always wear heels, which some people deem extra, but that's standard for me. For "what" inspires me though, I can say the word "look." If I'm wearing long weave, I put that into consideration with my outfit. With my 30 inch Brazilian I normally get into my artist mode, so I'll want to serve a spunky look. However, currently I have faux locs and while I wear them I want to serve ethereal looks. I think of everyday as a different look. Looks. Are. Important. And receiving several looks while serving several looks just makes putting together the looks more fun.

Why did you decide to attend Clark Atlanta University, a booming HBCU?

I chose Clark Atlanta because I already decided to move to Atlanta for college and attending a HBCU was not an option; that left me with three choices. Clark just seemed to be the best fit for me, considering the career path I'm taking.

Who do you wake up everyday and strive to become? What is your ultimate goal in life at this moment?

Wow, that's easy. I wake up everyday and strive to become Beyonce'. Nah, I'm just joshing around, I wake up everyday and strive to become a better Braxton. It may sound cliche, but I truly question myself constantly about what I'm doing to grow myself. I'm very committed to my spiritual, mental, and financial growth and my ultimate goal in life at this moment is to live it. I've actually been working very hard, praying very hard about the next step I'm going to be taking for my career. I tend to focus so much on the future that I forget it's okay to live in the moment sometimes, so my goal right now is to do both!

Thank you, Braxton! You all can follow her and see more of her fashion-forward looks via social media @braxattacks.