VIDEO: These guys react to UK GRIME artists

We are sure you've seen reaction videos on Instagram or YouTube but have you ever seen 'UK Grime' freestyles and music dissected bar-for-bar? Well these two guys have exactly that for us and we are into this:

K&S TV is a reaction video channel to exceptional music and sports occurrences by two Jamaica-born cousins, Kempy and Sambie Johnson, based in Brooklyn, NY.

The show surfaced three weeks ago with their first video hitting 1,000 views within 24 hours. Today, they are five videos in with a total of  14,473 views; they've opened our eyes to UK Grime artists and the power within their lyrics. We admit, we've slept on UK artists but not anymore because K&S will be filling us in bar-by-bar. 

Check out there current uploads here and our favorite bars from the artists:

"No gyal can make me loose my focus, I still write like I have a pen pal." -GHETTS
"Diggin' in my mind like I mine when I show them GEMS." - THE G.O.AT.
"You don't have to be a Black Panther to get Capt' in America..." - SWISS
"They talking but ain't tryna hear me out
Won't open the door, tryna leave me out."

Kempy and Sambie are naturally charismatic, intelligent and funny AF so it's inevitable for them to reach a large audience size. Besides the physical, you can see the truly understand and are passionate about the music, lyricism and the complete digestion of what they listen to. It's actually inspiring. Their comment section also POPS with subscribers and fans requesting their reaction to many other freestyles from FIRE IN THE BOOTH, GRM Daily, Daily Duppy and more so expect much more from the duo.

Check out their videos below and tune back as we will have their latest reactions as they are uploaded. Be sure to subscribe to their channel for first-looks here.

FOLLOW their social life at:

Kempy, @kempy4g | Sambie, @samoda_