OMG, this groovy chick is on FIRE with her oh-so stylish HAIR

Krissy Kakes, the New Jersey-based “IT” girl, is truly IT when it comes to wigs and fashion. She slays and lays every wig she gets her hands on. We HAD to ask her a few questions on what inspired her infamous hairstyles:

What inspires your wig looks? 

I always have trouble telling people who or what inspires me when it comes to beauty and fashion. The truth is no one person or group of people inspire me. I just really enjoy trying new styles and looks all of the time, it’s almost like a hobby for me. Before I got into wigs, I used to be very basic and neutral with my hair and I was always afraid to try new styles. But after I bought my first wig a new wave of confidence struck me as I got so many compliments and questions. From then on trying and sharing different hairstyles and colors has become part of what I do on social media. I’ve always had a passion for creating looks with makeup, hair and clothes. Now that I’m more confident and comfortable with doing just that, this is only the beginning!

What is the most important aspect of hair care that people may overlook?

When it comes to protective styles and wigs I believe that most people forget that your own hair and scalp needs a break from being protected so much! Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing and I’ve found that leaving in styles for too long can damage or break my hair. After learning the hard way, I always make it my business to let my hair out for a few days at the least before installing another protective style. It’s important to let your hair breathe and get a break from all of the sewn bundles, wig combs, lace frontals and everything in between. It also allows me to appreciate how much my hair has grown and show off my natural hair journey to my followers. 

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IG: krissykakess