GLOW: Meet The Brooklyn Minimalist

Meet Deborah Shepherd a.k.a The Broke Minimalist with the inspiring essence!

She is a 22-year-old California native living in Seattle, Washington with a passion for fashion and blogging in which she incorporated into a growing YouTube channel.

Deborah can mainly be seem in the tones black, tan, gray with a few pops of neon colors which provides a consistent yet striking look every time she styles. We asked her what inspires her unique style below: 

“ I dress the way I feel 90% of the time. My best outfits are under pressure while I’m rushing outside the door to catch the bus to downtown Seattle. Also, people who are entirely themselves and display that in their outfits inspire me. I love Nikisha Brunson, Reese Blutstein, Asiyami Gold, and Brittany Bathgate to name a few. They kind of have a different style than me but they give me the confidence to be me.”

Make sure to check Debbie out on all her social media platforms here: Youtube, Instagram, and her website.